Dec 072011

Fantastic documentary by Bill Still that explains how money really works. You’ll discover that money is really debt created out of thin air, and that the Federal Reserve is actually a private bank. Other amazing facts are that Fort Knox has been robbed by the banksters, it was set up to house all of Americas gold including all the gold that was confiscated from the American citizens , the film reveals that the vault has never been audited and suggests that’s because most of the gold has gone – where?

This film will shock and anger you in equal measure and should be compulsory viewing in schools.

The film also argues that the Bank of England is run like a privately owned bank even though it was nationalised in 1945. It argues that all central banks are not banks at all and are certainly not run in the publics interest but rather for a cabal of super rich shady banksters. Is this how it really is ?

Watch Ben Still’s film and make you’re own minds up and do comment as I really want to know what you think

Be warned this is a long documentary , it covers a lot of history but I found it gripping. If you want more he’s made a new film called The Secret of Oz. If on the other hand you want something thats in the same vein but a bit shorter and more of a primer into money and banking but still edgy I highly recommend Money as Debt


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