Dec 052011

Fantastic documentary explaining the evils of central banking by Bill Still. This film is a essentially an update to his earlier award winning documentary The Money Masters.

Watch this and you’ll never think the same way about money, banks and governments again.

But before you watch this I suggest you watch the following first in the order I suggest,

1.Money as Debt – an animated film thats reasonably short but really explains how money and banking works and screws up the world.

2.The Money Masters – Bill Still’s earlier lengthy but masterful documentary

Dont forget to comment – I really want to hear people’s views on these really important films


  2 Responses to “The Secret of Oz”

  1. […] that you still haven’t had enough of banking then he’s also made a further film called The Secret of Oz  which is also very worthwhile viewing although some will be repetition in particular the history […]

  2. […] covers a lot of history but I found it gripping. If you want more he’s made a new film called The Secret of Oz. If on the other hand you want something thats in the same vein but a bit shorter and more of a […]

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